This is the application form for The Kindling Fund. Detailed information about the fund can be found at 

The Kindling Fund gives grants ranging from $3,000 - $5,000 (with smaller Research and Development Grants) to Maine-based artists who organized projects that engage audiences and the visual arts in inventive and meaningful ways. In the context of this grant, the visual arts is defined as broadly as possible and includes: photography, video, non-traditional performance, ceramics, earth works, drawing, bookmaking, weaving, crafts, installations, painting, mail art, printmaking, basketry, sculpture, calligraphy, social-engagement, participatory or community driven projects, glass, design, and the alternative spaces, artistic collectives, art writing, and artistic platforms that support that work. If you are interested in proposing a project that is not listed and you think of it as a form of visual art, please give us a call at 207-828-5600 or email With a focus on risk and experimentation, successful projects value unconventional engagement, critical dialogue, collaboration, and create new models for presenting artists’ work. The Kindling Fund is administered by SPACE Gallery as part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts' Regional Regranting Program.



Brief project summary (100 words)

Full narrative description of the project (500 words)

Project timeline with description of how and where the project will be realized

Explanation of how the project will be made accessible to the public and outline of engagement strategies

Explanation of the project’s relationship to applicant's past work


Bio and CV for artist(s) involved


Who can apply?

Artists living in Maine

Curators living in Maine

Collectives living in Maine

Writers writing about the visual arts in Maine

Collaboratives or partnerships in Maine

Artist-run spaces located in Maine that are not 501c-3 non-profit organizations

American Rescue Plan Maine Project Grantees who received a grant of $1500 are eligible to apply for a max of $3500 for their same project.

Who cannot apply?

Students who are currently enrolled in an academic program

Incorporated 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations

Artists living outside of Maine

Individuals or projects that have received Kindling Fund of American Rescue Plan funding in the previous year from SPACE.

Lead artists or projects that have received $15,000 from the Kindling Fund over the course of their lifetime 

Lead artists who have not completed a previous grant or submitted the required reports. 

What kinds of projects does the Kindling Fund support?

The Kindling Fund supports a wide range of artist-initiated projects that engage the public including but not limited to...
Film screenings

Lecture series and symposia

Group and solo exhibitions that are sited outside of traditional venues

Public art projects

Performance projects or social practice projects

Interventions or site-specific installations

Writing about the visual arts including printed and online publications

The creation of an artist residency or other artist-centered programs

The founding or sustaining of a new arts venue or collective

Curatorial projects focused on innovative research or exhibition design 

Experimental art projects that challenge established notions

Other art projects that propose new models/forms of practice, presentation and organization

The Kindling Fund will not support
Private projects (i.e. the creation of new artwork) with no public engagement component

Projects that are part of the primary programming of an established 501c3 non-profit arts organization or take place in established institutions

Proposals that only request equipment. Including specialized equipment necessary to carry out your project as part of your budget is OK. 

Proposals that request travel funds. Including travel funds for visiting artists as part of your proposal is OK.  

What is the time frame for successful projects?

All Kindling Fund projects should be underway by December 31, 2023 so we can complete our final report to the Warhol Foundation and our annual report on Kindling Fund activities. This year our grantmaking timeline was delayed due to the two additional cycles of grants we made with the American Rescue Plan Maine Project Grants, and understand some projects may wrap up through March of 2023 for this year.

 How does the jury evaluate proposals?

Proposals are evaluated based on...

The artistic quality presented in the work samples and how relevant those work samples are to the idea proposed

The form of the project and how inventive it is

The project concept and how bold it is

The degree to which the project involves multiple artists (not required, but collaboration historically makes competitive applications)

The degree to which the project considers its audience and outlines its engagement strategies

The timeline and how feasible it appears

The applicant’s ability to carry out the project based in part by past work

The clarity and feasibility of the budget

How many grants are available?

For the 2023 grant cycle, there is $60,000 in funds available which is distributed to approximately 8-12 projects with budgets ranging from $3,000 – $5,000. Artists may also receive discretionary research and development grants of less than $3000 by the jury to start their project, depending on how the jurying process takes place. An Individual or project cannot be awarded more than $15,000 by the Kindling Fund over the course of a lifetime.

What happens if I am awarded funding?

Grantees are held legally responsible for all activities, materials, and outcomes associated with their projects. If awarded funding, artists are expected to

Be prompt and professional in their communication with grant staff

Spend the funds as outlined in project budget

Submit two written summaries throughout the course of the project at the midpoint and conclusion of the project.

Submit updates and images for promoting the Kindling Fund which will be used on website, social media,  outlets

Submit in writing to the grant staff any changes to the proposal as the project develops

Attend an orientation and awards ceremonies in 2023

Act as a responsible representative of SPACE Gallery and the Kindling Fund when engaged in all project-related activities

NOTIFICATION WILL TAKE PLACE IN Late March or Early April 2023.